Amy Pershing

Amy Pershing

エイミー・パーシング Eimī Pāshingu

Amy Pershing (PD2).png
Amy Pershing in POWER DoLLS 2 & POWER DoLLS 2 Dash

Amy Pershing (APD2).png
Amy Pershing in Advanced POWER DoLLS 2

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Amy Pershing (エイミー・パーシング, Eimī Pāshingu) is a character in the POWER DoLLS series.

She is a lieutenant of the Omni Army during the war against Diaz. Pershing joined the 177th Special Forces Battalion following the Omni Independence War.

Amy is known for her sweet disposition, sweet voice, and most notably her sweet tooth. She is often referred to by her nickname, "Sugar Babe". It is said her most potent enemy as a Power Loader pilot is not helicopters or tanks, but rather her distracting desire to snack.


POWER DoLLS 2 series

Amy Pershing
To-surface missile +7
To-air missile +7
Power Doll Combat +6
Defense +5
AP 30