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POWER DoLLS Wiki is a young wiki that aims to catalogue Kogado Software's POWER DoLLS series of "scenario simulation games", including menu and other text translations in order to make the games more accessible for non-Japanese readers.

The POWER DoLLS series began in 1994 and focused on tactical simulation games where players spend action points to perform actions on a tiled map, aiming to complete mission objectives and minimize losses. The series is generally considered to be a difficult one.

The series focuses on the titular DoLLS (Detachment of Limited Line Service), an all-female elite military unit. POWER DoLLS is set in the 26th century, on the planet Omni and tells its struggles against its motherland, Earth, as well as internal conflicts.

The "first generation" of games (POWER DoLLS, POWER DoLLS 2, POWER DoLLS 2 Dash, and Advanced POWER DoLLS 2) are all available for the PC-98 system, with some titles received ports elsewhere. The original POWER DoLLS is the only game to receive an English-language localization (for MS DOS in 1996) and is generally available as abandonware, although it omits the original story entirely.

The "second generation", from POWER DoLLS 3 onwards, were Microsoft Windows games. The last game in the series proper was POWER DoLLS 6 in 2004. Web POWER DoLLS, a free-to-play online RPG, also ran from 2012 to 2014.