Mark Pirsson

Mark Pirsson

マーク・ピアスン Māku Piasun

Mark Pirsson (PD2).png
Mark Pirsson in POWER DoLLS 2 & POWER DoLLS 2 Dash

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Mark Pirsson in Advanced POWER DoLLS 2

From Omni orbital relay station

Mark Pirsson (マーク・ピアスン, Māku Piasun) is a character in the POWER DoLLS series.

She is a major of the Omni Marine Corps during the war against Diaz. Pirsson joined the 177th Special Forces Battalion following the Omni Independence War.

She has the nickname "Star Sailor", which comes from her past as an elite spaceship crew member. She was born on Omni's orbital relay station due to her parents work with the migrant fleets there.

After joining the military, she became a starship pilot. Mark first landed on the surface of Omni during an atmospheric emergency descent training exercise. During this exercise, she saw, and was impressed by, the mobility of the Power Loader and pursued a certification in piloting the mech. She was then scouted by Hardy Newland as part of the Omni military's plans to increase its space-readiness.

She thinks things through before she acts, which may have come from her spacecraft experience.


POWER DoLLS 2 series

Mark Pirsson
To-surface missile +6
To-air missile +5
Power Doll Combat +5
Defense +5
AP 28