Millicent Evans

Millicent Evans

ミリセント・エヴァンス Mirisento Evuansu

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Millicent Evans in POWER DoLLS 2 & POWER DoLLS 2 Dash

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Millicent Evans in Advanced POWER DoLLS 2

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Millicent Evans (ミリセント・エヴァンス, Mirisento Evuansu) is a character in the POWER DoLLS series.

She is a warrant officer of the Omni Air Force during the war against Diaz. Evans joined the 177th Special Forces Battalion following the Omni Independence War.

Millicent is an athletic officer, but is not strong-willed, and is also poor at ambush strategies. She is, however, a good judge of character and is skilled at close combat scenarios.

She's a good friend of Faith Smollet, the two were classmates at the academy. She's been nicknamed "Milk" by her comrades. She's considered very sweet and one of the more skilled new recruits and a jack-of-all-trades.


POWER DoLLS 2 series

Millicent Evans
To-surface missile +7
To-air missile +7
Power Doll Combat +5
Defense +6
AP 30