Omni landmasses.png

Omni (オムニ, Omuni) is a planet that is the setting of the games in the POWER DoLLS series.

Omni is a planet located in the far distant Tianshi star system. The planet was first discovered by satellite in 2222 with the news reaching Earth in May, 2282. Suffering from crippling overpopulation, the government of Earth announced the Omni Migration Plan, which estimated that 5 billion people would migrate to Omni in the following two hundred years to develop the planet as a suitable environment for human habitation.

The first group of immigrants to the planet arrived in 2452. After years of hard cultivation and overcoming difficulties managed to establish Omni as a successful colony within 20 years of their arrival. Some years prior, in 2369, the Earth government's Institute of Space Science came up finally made a breakthrough on a fundamental theory of space travel called "sublight speed".

This theory, which could shorten space travel by more than ten times, was soon applied to the Omni Migration Plan. Omni was no longer a distant, unfamiliar planet where excessive populations were syphoned. In 2532, the Earth government sent fifteen senior military officers and one million Earth troops to Omni.

When the Earth forces arrived, they declared that they would take over the planet and place it under federal administration; thus igniting a war unlike any mankind had ever fought before. This would be the first Omni Independence War.