Omni Independence War

The Omni Independence War (オムニ独立戦争, Omuni Dokuritsu Sensō) is the war that takes place over the course of POWER DoLLS and POWER DoLLS FX. It was fought between the Omni Army and Earth.

The discovery of faster-than-light space travel was one of the key roles in sparking the Omni Independence War. This breakthrough in 2369 allowed direct Earth access to their previously distant and isolated colony on Omni.

2532 saw the Earth government sent fifteen senior military officers and one million Earth troops to Omni. When the Earth forces arrived, they immediately declared that they would take over the planet and place it under federal administration. Attempts at negotiation would swiftly break down and tensions would rise. Eventually Earth would declare war on the Omni government.

The Federation attempted to conquer the planet Omni quickly and with great military power, and continued to transport materials from Earth. Meanwhile, the Omni government focused on their use of the Power Loader in order to wage a guerrilla war against the Earth forces. Unable to adapt to the planet's environment or their enemy's tactics, the Earth forces were forced into a stalemate over the next three years.

Four years after the outbreak of the war, a new specially designed Power Loader was developed from the previous versions which were modified for combat, and a special unit was formed to operate exclusively with armored motorized infantry.